Fitness Services: Fitness Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Aerobic Combo
An exciting and challenging combination of low/high aerobics and step followed by core strengthening.

Body Sculpting
Gain muscle strength, tone & definition in this non-aerobic workout using various resistance tools.

Learn different boxing skills including: punching, kicking, blocking and footwork. Use different stations to build strength, endurance, coordination and confidence. New participants should begin with the basic level. A solid foundation in technique is suggested for the advanced level. View the Boxing movie

Fluid Movement
This class explores movement fundamentals, spirals and other three-dimensional whole-body movements. Through a gentle progression of exercises, participants experience softening in blocked areas, increase mobility and ease of movement.

Pilates Mat Class
Learn the fundamentals and basic mat exercises based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates. These exercises will focus on core stability, flexibility & alignment. We recommend that beginners receive an ?Intro? orientation.

Qi Gong
This class of gentle movements and simple postures encourages patience, concentration and reflection while gently developing strength and flexibility. View the City Fitness Qi Gong movie

Samayama Yoga"
City Fitness? unique style of yoga. ?Sama? means equal or evenly distributed, ?yama? means self-disipline. Our approach intergrates conscious breath, flow of movement, alignment, visulization and relaxation with their application in yoga asana. Our t