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About Us

City Fitness has been serving as Cleveland Park’s Neighborhood Gym since 1993 and is considered to be the “Cheers” of fitness because we truly do know your name. It is the longest running independently owned full-service gym in D.C. Our unique gym combines the personal attention and member service of a boutique gym with the fitness options of a large club including full service locker rooms with all the amenities, filtered water fountain, and our beautiful Zen Garden Deck.

We not only pride ourselves on our warm and inviting facility and the quality of service we provide, but on the community that we have built here. Our commitment to being socially responsible is evident in the variety of ways that we have given back to small and large, local, national and international organizations.

Our beginnings go back to 1983 when Fit Physique, Inc. was founded to provide on-site fitness programs. Although at the time this was considered to be a novel idea, corporate fitness has only continued to grow and our on-site programs exist throughout the city to this day. In 1987, with the opening of the Fit Physique Exercise Studio, aerobic classes expanded to include step, body sculpting and yoga. In 1996, when Fit Physique owners Dega Schembri and Lucinda LaRee became the new owners of City Fitness Gym, their expertise in classes transformed the fitness class schedule.

Today City Fitness stands out because it is the only woman owned gym, and has the highest quality of classes and staff. We are proud that City Fitness still has members who originally joined in 1993. Our staff is among the most committed and we have the lowest employee turnover of any fitness company. We are proud of our tradition and dedication to quality, with member service as our top priority.