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Class Descriptions

You won’t find a better variety of instructors anywhere! All classes are included as a free service to our members. Classes are taught morning, lunchtime, afternoon, and evening at City Fitness. All of our classes are mixed level.  If you would like an orientation to any class, we will make an appointment for you to meet with the instructor for a private 30 minute session.  Pick up a fitness class schedule at our front desk. See a Full Schedule View

Class Descriptions

Aerobic Combo
A challenging combination of low/high aerobics and/or step followed by core resistance training and core body work.

The perfect fusion of core strengthening and alignment from Pilates with the Ballet inspired workout of Barre. Together this workout will lengthen and strengthen your muscles with the high reps of Barre and improve your posture, mobility, and flexibility with the core work of Pilates.

Barre/Zumba Experience the best of both worlds with the Ballet inspired workout of Barre during the first half and high energy of Zumba during the second half.

Body Sculpting
Improve muscular strength, endurance, and tone in this non-aerobic conditioning class. Core body work combined with balance exercises, weight training and various resistance tools make this a full body workout.

Fitness fun meets hard work. Use the latest workout tools and toys to give you a creative, energetic, and playful workout. Feel like a kid again!

This 30-minute class will help everyone regardless of age, gender, or fitness level alleviate stiffness, prevent injury, maintain good range of motion, and reduce stress.

Flexibility Plus
Includes Pilates-based core conditioning

Gym Class
This classic workout focuses on the fundamentals of weight training mixed with endurance drills to boost your energy and build strong power. Suitable for the beginner to advanced participant.

Use different stations to build strength, endurance, and coordination with punching, kicking, and footwork.

Pilates Mat Class
Learn the fundamentals and basic mat exercises based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates. These exercises will focus on core stability, flexibility and alignment. We recommend that beginners receive an “Intro” orientation.

Step It Up
A high intensity step aerobic workout with exciting choreography to keep it fun and interesting.

The “IT” Workout
Interval Training at “ITs” best. This workout intervals strength training with bursts of cardio using the step, weights, tubes, and body bars.

Yoga for EVERY body
City Fitness offers a diverse Hatha Yoga program that welcomes everyone and will meet the needs of the beginner to the more advanced yogi. All classes focus on alignment, breath, and relaxation.

  • Flow – a gentle style with traditional postures that connect with the breath.
  • Gentle – focuses on breath and posture that stretch the body and relax the mind.
  • Power – is a vigorous vinyasa style.

The Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, cardio-burning ultimate dance-fitness party.

Specialty Classes

City Fitness stays on the cutting edge by offering a variety of Specialty Classes. We continue to bring you new and exciting workouts. Here are some of our recent class offerings.

Pole Pressure
All Levels – Pole for all levels is a great class for those with some Pole experience, who want to be challenged with some more intense movements. The class will begin with beginner movements and work all the way up to more advanced movements. This class is appropriate for beginners to advanced students.

Pole 1/2 Combo – Whether this is your first Pole class or you are an experienced Poler, this class will teach you the basics of moving, transitioning, spinning, and dancing around the Pole. This class invites people of both sexes to jump into the sport and build upper body strength.

Muay Thai
Known as “the art of eight limbs,” Muay Thai is a combat martial art that utilized fists, shins, elbows, and knees. MT focuses extensively on striking, footwork, defense, drilling, and high intensity conditioning. Students that wish to further their training will explore clinching (stand up grappling) and sparring after they have shown a proficient mastery of the fundamentals.

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling martial art that was designed to defend against bigger opponents using leverage and technique, rather than strength and power. By taking the fight to the ground and applying various submission holds, such as chokes and joint locks, opponents are rendered helpless. BJJ Fundamentals focuses extensively on positioning, escapes, drilling, high intensity conditioning, and rolling (sparring).